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Reusable Bulk Containers: SURE-Pak System FAQS

FAQS: SURE-Pak Reusable Bulk Containers

Frequently asked questions about the SURE-Pak System. Answers include key info on the reusable bulk containers including weight, life expectancy, stacking capabilities and cost effectiveness.  Detailed assembly instructions are available here to download.

What is the weight of each SURE-Pak reusable bulk container?

Each SURE-Pak collapsible container weighs approximately 60 lbs, but can vary slightly depending on the height and type (plastic or corrugated) sleeve used.

Do SURE-Pak pallet sleeves come in different sizes?

Yes. SURE-Pak sleeves come in 24″, 30″ and 45″ heights. The 45 inch sleeve is available with an optional drop panel for easy access.

How much weight can each SURE-Pak unit hold?

Each SURE-Pak reusable bulk container can hold 2,000 lbs.

Can SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers be stacked?

Yes! SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers can be stacked up to 4 units high.

Are SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers easily assembled?

SURE-Pak containers may be assembled quickly and easily by one person.

What is the life expectancy for SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers?

SURE-Pak plastic pallets and tops have a life expectancy of ten years. The triple wall corrugated pallet sleeves may be reused approximately 50-100 times. The plastic pallet sleeves can withstand around 200 turns.

How cost effective is the SURE-Pak System?

SURE-Pak customers often experience a payback in as little as six months compared to disposable corrugated Gaylord’s and triple wall bulk boxes.

Do you stock the SURE-Pak System?

Yes. We stock all components of the SURE-Pak Reusable Bulk Container System including the plastic pallets and tops, triple wall fiberboard pallet sleeves, plastic corrugated pallet sleeves and secure locking clips.