SURE-Pak is just what it says… SAFE, UNIVERSAL, REUSABLE, and ECONOMICAL.  and is the perfect solution to your bulk shipping and warehousing needs.

SURE-Pak is designed to be a lower cost alternative to hard sided knock-down containers and is worker and environmentally friendly.

Product Benefits

• 4-way forklift entry for efficient handling
• Holds up to 2,000 lbs. each
• Stackable to 4 units high, bottom capable of withstanding 7,500 lbs.
• Made from HDPE (100% recyclable)
• Lightweight for better ergonomics
• Triple wall sleeve available in 30” & 45” height with optional access door for easy packing.
• Weather Resistant
• Easy to clean

What is the weight of each SURE-Pak reusable bulk container?
Each SURE-Pak collapsible container weigh approximately 60 lbs, but can vary slightly depending on the height and type (plastic or corrugated) sleeve used.

How much weight can each SURE-Pak unit hold?
Each reusable bulk container can hold 2,000 lbs.

How many SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers can be stacked?
SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers can be stacked up to 4 units high.

Are SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers easily assembled?
SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers may be assembled quickly and easily by one person. Please click here for assembly instructions.

What is the life expectancy for SURE-Pak reusable bulk containers?
SURE-Pak pallets and tops have a life expectancy of ten years. The triple wall corrugated sleeves may be reused approximately 50-100 times. The plastic sleeves can withstand around 200 turns.